Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Horsemanship Unlimited.....

Wow it has been a busy summer......I guess a busy year!! It has been very exciting traveling and competing all over the country. My horses are going well and I'm so excited to have the young horses coming along. 

I had a great weekend at Woodside this weekend and couldn't be more proud of Sunsprite's Romany. He really stepped up to the plate and was my favorite cross country ride of the day! This horse shows a ton of talent and I am crossing all of my appendages that he goes where I think he can! 

Dempsey competed and WON his first event this weekend and I am having so much fun with him. His cocky attitude makes me laugh constantly. He swears he knows everything about everything....until he doesn't! Then he just pretends like something is going to eat him. I'm looking forward to seeing his progress over the next year and all of the excitement he has brought to NLE already!!

Riding Lynn Carlson's mare this weekend was a real treat! She did her first training level since Lynn 
bought her and she couldn't have been better. She answered all of the questions we were asking to make sure the move up to training would be a smooth one! Looking forward to watching these two compete at Galway! 

Gandolf, whom I just won on this past weekend in his 2nd training level is one of the most improved horses I think I have.....he was quite the project when he came to the barn and was shipped quickly off to Allen Clarke at Horsemanship Unlimited. Allen is a few blocks from my facility and has been instrumental in the success of my riding for many years now. He is very well known in the show jumping industry and has helped train horses for several top professionals in show jumping, dressage and three day eventing. He has been a huge asset to my program and his ability to think outside the box is incredible. 

With the combination of Allen, his son Lane Clarke, who is also a very successful Grand Prix show jumper and Nicolia Clarke, who is a very successful Grand Prix dressage rider, I couldn't be in a better place to receive the best help. 
They are a part of my team and not only help me, but help my students as well. I really feel lucky to have these people helping me produce my string of talented young horses. 

With all of the success that has happened this year I really credit receiving the Rebecca Broussard Grant. Becoming the recipient of a grant where people believe in you really made me realize that I needed to study and become better. Not only because I want to be one of the best, but because a committee of well respected people have put their stamp of approval on me. I really have felt like that catipolted my riding. I have had several people ask me why I have had more success this year, and after really thinking about it, I really decided to focus more than I ever have. To create a team that had the same desire and passion as I do and practice perfect on every horse. 

Kate (my right hand) and now the big boss of NLE, has been my saving grace. She makes me focus on my riding. Takes my phone away from me when I get on a horse, demands perfection while I'm riding and her horsemanship and management skills are second to none. It's truly been a wonderful asset to myself and my program and were all so happy she is a part of the team!!

MacKenna Shea & Katie Yozamp are a huge asset to NLE and their hard work is prevalent everyday. They have both helped with competing the younger horses and ride my experienced horses while I'm traveling. They also help while on the road as well and are learning what it takes to run a professional business. Olivia Loaicono has also been a huge asset in helping with riding while I've been traveling. Now with the new addition of Kendra Robison, I feel as though we have the perfect team! 

So often you hear it takes a village to become successful. That saying is so true! My village is more like a small city but it's the best place ever and every single person who is a part of my team is a part of my success. 

I hope to keep improving my riding and ride for Team USA and look back someday and say, I remember when..........until then my team and I will continue to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey! 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support NLE! We truly are a family and I couldn't do it without all of your support!! 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

The American Eventing Championships!

It was the first year the AEC's were moved closer to the west coast and located more central in Texas. 
It was quite the facility they found in Texas Rose. A first class facility with huge stalls, wonderful footing and true championship cross country courses. 
I was very happy we made the trip! Not only to compete at our championship, but to support the sport we all love! 
We live in a country that has a huge amount of land and therefore we have to drive. For a west coast competitor that comes with the instead of complaining we jumped in head first! Much to our delight we had a great time and I couldn't have really asked for anything more. 
My horses were all fantastic and I am so happy to be sitting on some great horses right now. Sunsprite Syrius won the Open Training division and it was icing on the cake to be presented with my award by Kevin Baumgardner and Brian Sabo. 
London Calling OHF performed fantastically and I couldn't be more pleased with his progress. He came to my barn at the beginning of the year never have shown and now he is ready to move up to preliminary. He has won a handful of events, including Rebecca Farm and I'm really looking forward to seeing how he steps up to the challenge at Galway Downs. 
It's been a very busy year for NLE, we have travelled farther than we ever have before and been on the road a lot with some great successes. I'm thrilled to be this busy and so grateful for the team I have. 
I've said it before and I will say it success is only because of the wonderful help and team I have. My success is because of my wonderful supporters and owners. We are like family and we all support each other 110%. It's the best feeling ever. My team at home of Kate Gillespie, MacKenna Shea, Katie Yozamp & Kendra Robison is the dream team and the barn runs like a well oiled machine because of each of them. 
I don't have an upper level horse at the moment as I made the decision to sell my advanced horse due to financial reasons and my 2* horse was injured and therefore it has sidelined my ability to be in the big ring. But the satisfaction I have received in riding and producing young talent has been an experience I have loved. I really have learned to understand that there is something about a partnership between a horse and rider. That ingredient is a must to be successful at the top. 
It has been a patience learning exercise, however I have developed relationships with each of the horses I ride and I couldn't be happier to be forming those partnerships. 
It is always difficult to watch your peers riding at the advanced level, but I just keep knowing that I will be back there soon!
So if your are wondering if the AEC's is worth the trip......the answer is YES!!!! 
The facility is top notch, the footing is superb, the organizing crew and everyone involved was very helpful and friendly, and best of all the prizes are incredible!!!!!! 
Now we are off to Woodside Horse Trials!! 
Hang on!