Tuesday, September 24, 2013

West Coast Dempsey Syndicate

First let me thank each and every one of you for joining Dempsey and I on a very fun filled journey. I say that because he has quite the personality. Very sweet by nature with a mixture of deceitfulness. His personality is such that makes him fun to be around and under saddle he has quite the expression and confidence.  He's very proud of himself!! 
This week we travelled to Twin Rivers to get him qualified for the 5 year old Championships and I was extremely pleased with his performance.  He scored a 81% which is a very good score as he needed to score at least a 75%.
Dempsey did his dressage and was very perplexed by the judges box, AND that they had judges in them. It was much to my surprise that he simply decided be a grown up and go into the ring and perform a very nice first dressage test. With over 15 entries in the class, Dempsey scored the best over all in the dressage and confirmation. I was very pleased!! Much more than I ever expected as he is very green for his age and has never been to a show. 
The jumping phase was challenging in many ways and was a true test of his  willingness to trust me. Only knowing me for the last month he had quite the leap of faith. 
I was so thrilled that he went around the show jumping and jumped beautiful and effortless. He had a green moment at the first cross country jump, but once he jumped it he galloped around the course like he had been doing it his entire life. Over the mound to a jump, jumping a log into water and out of water. He was very brave!! 
It is very exciting that he really stepped up to the plate. 
I decided to take him with me to Texas to fast track his education of learning to be a successful show horse. He is in great company with Syrius, Milton, Jefferson, and Metro. It is very cute to see Milton and Jefferson schooling him a bit in the trailer. If Dempsey were human he would be that kid who asks a million questions. 
So we arrived to Texas Rose, the American Eventing Championships and I am very excited to be here. 
Dempsey has learned to travel and be compliant thanks to Jeff and Milton. 
I will continue to keep you all updated on Dempsey's progress!

Looking forward to some fun and exciting times!

All the best!