Thursday, January 2, 2014

NLE Working Student Position

NLE has one working student position available. This individual must be eager and want to ride more than they want to breathe. Yes.....I said it, you must want to ride more than you want to breathe or eat for that matter because unless you can eat and run, we don't eat much.  
Limited cell reception at the facility unless you have AT&T. 
Hours are from 6:30am til we are finished. 
This person must have an understanding of riding with their legs......if they don't they must have the desire to learn and not think they already know everything, because even at 38 I still know I have a lot to learn.
You must be willing to learn correct use of your aids as well as true horsemanship. If you do not know that when you open a gate you should close it, or that when your asked to get something no matter how far, you should run, this isn't the job for you. 
If you have a work ethic and a desire to learn you will have the opportunity to ride A LOT! Which, if you would like to someday become a professional hours in the tack, and I mean A LOT of hours is what you need to become good. And to become great you need even more. 
This job is for serious riders with a serious drive to become true horseman. 
This job is very intense and requires someone who has an ability to have fun and still stay focused with getting better with every task they perform. 
If this seems like the job for you, feel free contact NLE direct at