Monday, January 28, 2013


We have all been told that in order to achieve a goal you should have a short term plan and a long term plan. What I have learned is not only should we have these we should not set them in stone.

2013 marks change for me. I've decided that I not only owe this change to myself, I owe it to everyone involved with me and around me.

Everyone struggles with their competitive career. Whether your a professional or an amateur we all have our struggles. It's part of the cycle of competing. There are things you can control and there are things you cannot control.
It is as simple as that! You can control that you can develop a good canter but you cannot always control that your horse isn't going to knock down a rail.
So 2013 is a year that I have my short term goals and my long term goals but this time my goals are not set in stone. My horses will tell me whether my plans will be on time or if they will get pushed back a bit.

I understand that every time I put my foot in the stirrup it will be with me giving a 100%. If I'm in a hurry its better for me not to ride that horse then just ride it without thought and attention. I have made this very clear with the girls that work for me as well as all of my students. Just because your an amateur doesn't mean your not a horse trainer. You are either training the horse or your un-training it. Every rider has a personal responsibility to focus on what they can do to improve their horses and their riding and everyone can improve as long as they focus on the things they can control. Your position, your quality of gait, can you go forward and back without pulling back on the reins. Accuracy! Everyone can work on their accuracy AND you can do all of this on your own. Each one of my students understands their is a system and they have it reminded to them every time they have a lesson. Riding is about being patient, persistent, tough, and determined to get to excellence.
You will become better if you have a set program and if you put a personal responsibility on yourself you will have no choice but to get better.

Our first event of the season is this weekend and I am very excited to be competing again! My horses are feeling great and I can't wait to go out of the start box again!

So no matter what your level of riding is, remember you can improve yourself everyday if you focus on the things you can control and practice doing those things perfect.

I am looking forward to competing and giving every day 100%. Yes it requires a lot more detail, focus, and psychical fitness, but if I want to achieve my goals I have to put in the work that allows me to get where I want to go.

David O'Connor said it best at the USEA Convention, "Do you have what it takes!" We joke with each other and repeat that statement, but there is truth in that statement. Do you have what it takes? AND are you willing to do what it takes to become the best?

Wishing you all a successful 2013 and so excited to be back in action!!